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The Liquor Store
November 2017
1,200 SF

The Liquor Store is a diner + bar in the historic Broad Avenue Arts District of Memphis, TN.


City Silo Table + Pantry
January 2017
2,000 SF

City Silo Table + Pantry is a restaurant and juice bar with healthy and vegan offerings.

Challenge: rebrand the business and rework a floor plan, including an expansion into the next storefront to house juicing and bottling for local distribution. 

The former space was small and dark and didn’t feel much like a healthy juice bar. The dining room was expanded to provide 50+ seats. A new bar with seating provides a spot for juice, coffee and dining service. The open kitchen was made more attractive and efficient for the more extensive new menu. A separate juice bottling area was provided in the back of house operations. An additional restroom was added and both restrooms made wheelchair accessible. The exposed ceiling and walls were painted white and weathered wood and cement add warmth and pattern. The furnishings are eclectic with a rustic modern vibe. Overall, the new space is light, airy, and warm

City Silo
City Silo
City Silo

Ghost River Tap Room
October 2016
2,000 SF


The Ghost River Tap Room is tap room and brewery that serves all Ghost River beers including seasonal brews.  The building houses all of the brewing and bottling operations. 

Challenge:  create a tap room with a connection to the brewery in an existing office and storage space. 

The bones of the building were original and loaded with character but everything had been covered up with uninspired finishes. The new design uncovered the original existing brick walls, wood joist and steel beam ceiling and concrete floors. The windows, which were heavily tinted, were replaced with clear glass to allow a street view in the tap room. The opening to the brewery was maintained with a glass storefront so patrons can see the brewery operations. The new bar is centered on the window wall with shelves featuring merchandise and glassware. A large steel pipe carries the beer from the taps in the refrigerated cooler, across the ceiling and down an industrial steel tower which is mounted to a 12-tap dispenser on the front bar. Finishes like white oak, raw steel and minty green hand glazed clay tile are found throughout the space. Warm industrial style and leather clad light fixtures are throughout the space. In a nod to the name Ghost River, a section of the Wolf River after which the beer is named, a commissioned art installation by Sarah Crawford is featured. Patrons can grab a seat at a banquette, drink rail, communal table or on the new expansive deck overlooking South Main.

Ghost River Tap Room
Screenshot 2017-04-29 09.34.33.png

The Bikesmith
November 2015
2,000 SF

The Bikesmith is a colorful bike repair and retail shop serving beer with a large outdoor event space and pump track. The building is a former auto garage in a neighborhood experiencing revitalization.

Challenge: on a shoestring budget, reimagine an auto garage as a fun, family-friendly bike space.

The client had an existing mobile bike repair business which uses a large box truck. Their success warranted an expansion into a brick and mortar shop with retail. The space was freshly painted and cleaned up but there were no designated spaces other than a cramped entry, small office and one restroom. The front façade was painted in a large scale, black and white checkered board pattern which would have been expensive to change. An asset to the space was a very large fenced in yard which had great potential but had only housed broken down vehicles for some time. We laid out the floor plan to create a generous entry and corridor to the office and restroom. The floor plan provided a cash wrap area, tables for hanging out, retail display and the workshop. We also designed the backyard area adding a patio, shade canopies and string lights. Orange and yellow accents brightened the trim of the façade. Playful elements such as yellow painted bikes were mounted to the front of the building.  Inside, keeping with the garage concept, materials and textures are used that you would find in a workshop. A large scale custom mural was printed on peg board and serves as a back drop for the entire space. Modern, colorful lighting brighten the space and custom mobile platforms display bikes and merchandise.




Falling Into Place
July 2015
1,000 SF

Falling Into Place is a home and life style boutique in the Broad Avenue Arts District.  

Challenge: design a space with flexible retail and an area for an existing candle making business.

The space was in a building from the early 20th century. The floor plan was open so a wall was built to create a back of house area for the candle operations, restroom and an office. The walls had a beautiful patina that was preserved, and bead board was added to the ceiling for a vintage feel. Two found antique doors were installed to the restroom corridor and office. They came from an Architectural Salvage shop in downtown Memphis along with the original lead crystal door knobs. To balance the antique vibe of the architecture, modern geometric elements were designed into the space, such as the custom checkout counter and lighting and custom displays. The exterior was freshly painted and a rustic wood awning was applied to the façade, along with a custom hand-bent steel sign.


Falling Into Place
Falling Into Place
Falling Into Place

City and State
April 2015
2,500 SF
Featured in Travel and Leisure and Bon Appetit

City and State is a coffee shop serving third wave, single origin coffee and an artisan boutique dedicated to handmade goods. It is housed in an early 20th century building in the emerging Broad Avenue Arts District.

Challenge: allow an artisan-centric retail store and coffee shop to peacefully coexist in two adjacent spaces.

This was client’s first endeavor and the space was not set up with the infrastructure for food and beverage (F&B). With extensive experience in F&B operation and design, we provided a floor plan with an adequate service area, great visibility, circulation and connection to the customers. We also assisted with equipment plan. The client’s experience in digital marketing and graphic design provided strong branding and identity.  The building’s shell was interesting with concrete floors, exposed brick walls and a black painted wood joist ceiling. White oak rift-cut millwork pieces were designed for the cash wrap and the coffee counter. The pastry case and beverage cooler are built into the millwork to create a clean, contemporary look. The client designed stencils for the back wall at the coffee counter and in the restrooms adding fun, graphic pattern to the space. New lighting such as festoon lights, wall sconces and modern pendants added warmth to the minimal furniture. We created flexible retail display, for the ever-changing handmade goods, with unique, found pieces and wire shelving systems for the walls with light wood shelves. The space is always adapting but consistently relaxed and warm.  



city and state coffee side.jpg
city and state retail.jpg

Propcellar Vintage Rentals
November 2014
10,000 SF

Propcellar is an industrial warehouse venue for weddings and events. Propcellar Vintage Rentals was primarily a vintage furniture and prop rental business catering to weddings.

Challenge: create a space for events that doubles as a showroom for their rental inventory.

The warehouse prior to renovation had a rambling floor plan, drop acoustical ceilings, layers of flooring and broken windows. There was a large front room with original steel factory windows; however, it was cut off from the majority of the building by a singular narrow hallway. HVAC ductwork was moved to connect the front and back spaces, and glass garage doors were installed to separate the two spaces so they could function independently. A lighting plan was designed with LED track heads throughout the entire space which provides affordable operating cost, energy efficiency, flexibility, and wonderful, warm light for events.  In the restrooms, a custom plaid paint pattern was painted above the existing wainscot and the existing metal toilet partitions were finished in a high gloss enamel. The ceiling features a custom light fixture made out of porcelain sockets in a grid pattern. In the front space, an oversized fabric light pendant softens the feel of the concrete and windows.The exterior is a brick mid-century warehouse architecture situated on the corner of an emerging midtown art and entertainment district. A green wainscot on the exterior is made from a faux boxwood material to enliven the façade and give the exterior an upscale feel. Propcellar provides Memphis with a modern, warehouse event and wedding venue, something that did not currently exist in the city.