Propcellar Vintage Rentals
November 2014
10,000 SF

Propcellar is an industrial warehouse venue for weddings and events. Propcellar Vintage Rentals was primarily a vintage furniture and prop rental business catering to weddings.

Challenge: create a space for events that doubles as a showroom for their rental inventory.

The warehouse prior to renovation had a rambling floor plan, drop acoustical ceilings, layers of flooring and broken windows. There was a large front room with original steel factory windows; however, it was cut off from the majority of the building by a singular narrow hallway. HVAC ductwork was moved to connect the front and back spaces, and glass garage doors were installed to separate the two spaces so they could function independently. A lighting plan was designed with LED track heads throughout the entire space which provides affordable operating cost, energy efficiency, flexibility, and wonderful, warm light for events.  In the restrooms, a custom plaid paint pattern was painted above the existing wainscot and the existing metal toilet partitions were finished in a high gloss enamel. The ceiling features a custom light fixture made out of porcelain sockets in a grid pattern. In the front space, an oversized fabric light pendant softens the feel of the concrete and windows.The exterior is a brick mid-century warehouse architecture situated on the corner of an emerging midtown art and entertainment district. A green wainscot on the exterior is made from a faux boxwood material to enliven the façade and give the exterior an upscale feel. Propcellar provides Memphis with a modern, warehouse event and wedding venue, something that did not currently exist in the city.